Opening Night ★★★★★

“I made her up. She’s my fantasy.”

When I first decided that I was going to pursue filmmaking, I was damn near terrified. A scared, lonely teenage girl who didn’t believe she could ever make a film or find anybody that would care about my stories. Until Cassavetes. By chance, I discovered Cassavetes through a Twitter account that would post daily quotes from the maestro. That is where our love story began. 

It is impossible to put this film into words. It is John and Gena’s love letter to themselves and their beautiful, true love. There was never a duo like them until them and there will never be another, as much as I like to joke that my boyfriend and I are very much like them. We both can only dream.

Always blows me away how Cassavetes writes such dynamic women characters. His portrayal is caring, exudes with compassion, and never condoned judgment. It is beautiful to know that he understood and sought to put women at the forefront of his stories without romanticizing their struggles for artistic merit.

This is a god awful review, it is just very hard for me to talk about Cassavetes without getting emotional. I know what that man did for my 14 year old self and I can only hope that I’m making him proud. In a couple of weeks, I make my journey to leave some flowers for the man himself. Thank you for everything John.

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