Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★

“Give me something to scream about.”

Oh no, we're regurgitating the third act from the previous installment at the onset again...and why is Harry Manfredini's score so bad!! 

Friday the 13th Part III is the beginning of camp for the franchise with its freak flag flying fully and lovable absurdity abound.

By the way, I know this franchise has had a variety of directors and writers, but they really couldn't have kept the titles consistent: Friday the 13th Part 2 versus Friday the 13th Part III. That drives me nuts!

Okay enough bitching.

My favorite thing about this installment is the copious amount of cannabis consumed (sometimes literally) this is surely the most stoned sequel of the lot.

Jason's universe grows as he leaves Camp Crystal Lake and starts stabbing some townies as well. His first kill with the harpoon was so well shot and remains one of the best of the series. Also, his universally-recognized hockey mask appears half-way through. (1 1/2 movies without it though!)

The set design is particularly impressive in this installment, especially the barn which remains an iconic Friday the 13th setting.

But WHAT was going on with that hammock in the cabin's loft?! You know some Airbnb would try to pass that shit off as a full bedroom today.

It does feel like this sequel recycles too many previous kills, escapes and then right down to the final shot. And it doesn't feel like intentional homages the way the 2009 installment does, it just feels like they could have gone for more original content than tossing yet another boyfriend through another cabin window.

Dana Kimmell's Chris Higgins rocks though, she's resourceful like the final girls leading up to her, but seems more ferocious in fighting back Jason, which makes her one of my favorites. Paul Kratka's Rick and Jeffrey Rogers' Andy are way hot.

The storytelling and some production elements are in noticeable decline now, but Part III is very  stoned and still largely fun.

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