Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct ★★★★★

"She's evil! She's brilliant!"

We used to make movies damn it

So much is talked about that goddamn leg cross that what I think gets lost is that Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell is one of the best femme fatale performances in cinema history. Icy and manipulative with just enough vulnerability to make you doubt a truth so obvious.
I'd like to go back in time and retroactively get her that goddamn Oscar nomination.

This movie is a ride, the script so twisty and turny that it borders on zany, I was hooting and hollering at every new revelation.
The blocking is incredible (God Verhoeven) the cinematography is gorgeous and sharp (Jan de Bont come back to us) and the score sounds ominous even during sex scenes (of which there are a plethora).

We used to make movies damn it

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