1917 ★★★★½

Writing this is the car 5 minutes after watching
It. Knew barely anything before hand

Initial thoughts: Loved it
The first five minutes of the movie I couldn’t stop saying how cool I thought the ‘opening shot’ was because there were no ‘real’ cuts. Little did I know that would be for the whole movie. Personally, this idea of having a ‘no cut’ movie was fascinating, as this was the very first time I have been exposed to it. It was a really neat idea and I have insane respect for the actors and it is undoubtedly a difficult task.

Parts that significantly stood out to me
- the death scene. Truly heartbreaking due to the context of how he died trying to save an enemy. Definitely a top scene
- Will running through the battlefield trying to deliver the message. Not ashamed to say the goosebumps consumed me and there may have even been a little watery eyed action

I think that the ‘no cut’ format was super cool, however I feel that I still prefer the regular format, and would love to see the same film with clear cuts to contrast the two

- 5 star performance by the king Benedict, great surprise

The whole tripwire rat thing was completely unexpected for me. I loved it

I think I would’ve enjoyed to maybe have a little more background on the characters before they started on their adventure, however Will’s character development and transformation from asking ‘why pick me’, to his sheer determination was awesome. 
- Last thing, was him pretty consistently running from enemy’s and dodging their bullets every time a little unrealistic?