Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★½

Everything before the big fight: 5/10
Everything during and after the big fight: 10/10

Seeing as this is the last film in the trilogy I wrote a piece dedicated to these films. It shows the emotions I experienced through the duration of my binge. (Wrote it as soon as I finished Before Sunset, but it still applies here):

This is not a memory, this is not a true story, it's not beginning, it's not carrying on and it's not passing anymore. It's just something that can just breathe, it doesn't have to be more. It's nice to be here rather than where I lie. I will talk, I will sing, I will carry, sometimes that's all we can do. Don't expect the in ordinary, just try to see rather than look. Every time I look it never lives up to what I see. Call me whatever you like but be mindful, as I would to you if you were in strife. Goodnight but not goodbye, I may see you again for a little while. Good luck in what you do and may you take it in stride. Don't be fussed if anything goes wrong, everyone will be there to hear you, to recognise your call.

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