Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★★

God just god, this is one of those movies that leaves your head in a swirl and makes you wonder how something this beautiful and empathetic could exist. It's a film that always recontextualizes itself, events, words and lines that happen in the former half get given new life, resulting in a new hopeful and sentimental interpretation of a dour situation. Yusuke and Misaki have to be two of the most fully realized characters in media, the amount of depth the film goes into exploring every specificity of their being is just astounding. Misaki is a character I heavily relate to and even within her relaxed composure there is a tapestry of warmth and humanity glowing from her. The film makes you build such a kinship with them that when the last hour of this happens it consumed me to my very core, cathartic doesn't even cover it, it has a gargantuan impact. The last three sequences in particular just made me ball in a well of tears over and over again, all the things they were saying was just spoke to me like not many other films do, I was just being held and affirmed, god I felt so liberated. This gets it, it nails life in all its facets (extremely tender in regards to disability and being neurodivergent, not to mention it has the best understanding of what acting is and what it involves), after this was over I just marvelled in how I will never see anything like that in my life again, absolutely monumental film.

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