The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★

Look it's a shame this film bombed and was tossed under the radar. It's lovely to see an auteur exercise control of a work that includes metaphysical and spiritual elements, dealing with the mythos that the majority of mainstream horror is just too afraid to tackle. The culmination of this leads to a sensory freak out that felt it had some level of catharsis. With saying that I didn't feel any sort of genuine nature coming from the filmmaker, it feels overly nihilistic with its subtext and kills revolutionary ideas with a degree of ridicule (the singularity concept in particular).

The cosmic emotion that seeps through the film isn't felt because there's a detachment from the filmmaker, there are no dualities of beauty and horror, only bitterness and fear. Putting these ideas through this lens isn't inherently valueless but it doesn't try to put that energy into a constructive manner. There's very little attempt to let the audience in or make them feel the emotion through its form. Experience is a beautiful thing it can help us understand and truly feel concepts, this is something I don't think Prior had when depicting any of this film's concepts.

Personally this is impenetrable for me, I am so glad others have resonated with this, more auteurs should be given big chances like this. This is just something that wasn't meant for me and that's fine.

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