The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★

The Holy Mountain is one of those films where the finer details don't matter. It's more how you emotionally respond to what's happening on screen. What I felt was conflicting emotions about greed, changing oneself and individuality. Just by that merit alone, this film does what other films can't. Portraying visually what life holds more effectively than a lot of films that use dialogue. This movies creativity is off the charts and I wouldn't think of some of this imagery in a million years. Alejandro Jodorowsky constantly throws every piece of symbolism he can think of. He doesn't care if you drown in it, he would rather you see all of his vision rather than only a fraction of it. I know I will never get the experience of watching anything like this again. Sometimes the finer details aren't important when the bigger picture is so glorious to get lost in.

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