• Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil B. Demented


    I've never seen this before but for whatever reason I feel like I've known this film my entire life, like it's been apart of my core in some fashion down from the characters to the aesthetic just everything. Waters has always known that art is a tool for revolution, for sea change and this is ground zero, the absolute pinnacle firing in all directions. The directive of Raving Beauty is righteous as hell, the Hollywood system has always been bankrupt…

  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

    Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile


    Seldom do I see a film with such good intentions as this, its main core opting for understanding and empathy at every turn. Lyle is the master of ceremonies, he is the hot bed of altruism that transforms the world into a utopic paradise (you could definitely read into the mother father sexual repression and livliness being awoken through Lyles siren songs). A celebratory goofy journey into the family musical and everything that makes them so special, no fibre of my being can resist something like this. Remember Croc gang lives on forevermore stand up! 🐊

  • Bratz



    *2000s stan account signing on* This is literally the greatest movie ever made, don't trust anyone who doesn't have this at five stars.

  • Horse Girl

    Horse Girl


    Leave it on the table outside where did you know, when I saw your face in the marble stream leading to altercations of the fifth kind. A wrapping around of sovereignty, stop pushing me out to this shore on my way out it's not something I really want, I wanna share something with you but would you have the capacity to care and protect my inner child. Wave me down to size, know that it's ok not to to know…

  • Bones and All

    Bones and All


    I think you always had a feeling
    Like you knew it all along
    I kept believing I was never meant to be
    But maybe I just had it wrong

    In a world that isn′t ours
    In a place we shouldn't be
    For a minute
    Just a minute
    We made it feel like home

    And I will haunt these hills forever
    Without a reason to believe
    When I can feel you beating inside of me
    I have everything I need


  • Rosaline



    I think when you sit down to watch a movie you can tell if you will like it or not, I knew I would like this and this movie just straight up proved me astronomically right. A inverted take on the Romeo & Juliet story? Check, a cool high strung sassy lead girl that learns the error of her ways? Check, a Clueless inspired modern retelling of a story actually set in the contemporary period? Check, a lovey dovey euphoric story…

  • Seriously Red

    Seriously Red


    Seriously cute, sensitive, quaint, and bubbly. Engages with the transformative qualities of becoming an impersonator your inner self soaring higher than ever before, finally finding a platform to express interests, quirks in a safe conducive environment. Also really unafraid to be it's best self, like hell theres so much horniness more than expected and I welcome it! (Take notes Hollywood). Think Reds arc could've been better defined in terms of the line between her and Dolly yet it's impassioned with…

  • Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

    Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery


    All this tells me is that Janelle Monae would've killed it in Southland Tales, shes got the coolest presence seriously chews up the scenery just by being there. She doesn't even need to do much just look dope really taking from the 2000s acting school tradition of girly queens. More performers should focus on becoming icons rather than doing "serious" acting, god everyone wants to be her don't even deny, electric shit!

  • Disenchanted



    And some days are good
    And some are not so
    But none do we take for granted
    'Cause it's both the joys and adversities
    Making these memories

    And though here in reality
    My ever-after may not be
    At every moment happily
    It's even more (Even more)
    Even more enchanted

    Goes the only way this could possibly go, if we're going to continue post happily ever after the aim of the first has to be more descriptive, expanded and reach it's…

  • Enchanted



    Once it was considered that leaping into the stars was impossible, our most whimsical dreams treated like a little girls diary; cute, sincere but no where near achievable. Then a ground was constructed to launch us into the stratosphere, a path is sown into the stars, a guide to take us to the big ball of light. Almost like an instructional manual in getting your optimism back, for those who have been stomped on as an adult and need that…

  • Daredevil



    *2000s stan account signing on* C'mon tell me that an Evanescence needle drop paired with the most 2000s visuals in existence isn't the coolest shit you've ever seen. There's a delicate simplicity with its conviction in its pathos, it takes my favorite attributes from the genre and makes it into this grungy nu metal soap opera. Takes a cue from the Spawn hand book, every conversation only doubles the impact of the action scenes, its like reading a standard issue…

  • Marci X

    Marci X


    Crazy to think that the foundation, the hot bed of 2020s vulgar metamodern social comedy took flight here. Feels like culture letting out all it's baggage, any view from any creed takes stage, molding, shifting, evolving. Everyone is viable to be a pariah, everyone is capable of horrible deeds but none of them are denied empathy, all the good traits of each character become crystal by the end rejoicing in song. It's knowing that love kills barriers, knowing that any…