All the President's Men

All the President's Men ★★★★½

You know that overused idiom, "blah blah walked so blah blah blah could run"? Well, it doesn't apply, here. The correct turn of phrase would be more akin to, "ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN ran so SPOTLIGHT and ZODIAC could run, too." A huge benchmark for journalistic thrillers, one of my unabashed guilty pleasures, the influence here on some of my other favorite films is apparent and palpable. Shockingly, I think I prefer SPOTLIGHT maybe only for the viscera of its subject matter, but between these three titans its hard to be picky.

Something with (surprisingly) as much thematic heft such as this deserves to be revered even more than it already is. Robert Redford is in particular a real standout, aside the script and its mechanics. What a film! <3


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