Jesus Henry Christ

Jesus Henry Christ ★★½

I was pleasantly surprised as this movies turned out to be a lot lighter, funnier and crazier from the get-go than expected. The casting was good, and I especially loved the grandad, Stan the Man, and the half-sister did a great job, also .
The movie had a visual style reminiscent of a Wes Anderson movie - which is always a good thing.
So all in all I was happy with how the movie began.
However, as the movie progressed, that feeling changed slightly as the movie didn't stay as clear about what is was trying to convey to the viewer as in the beginning.
Was it supposed to be a funny movie, sad movie or just a weird movie? Was it about a boy finding his biological father, or about a family that was a mess or...?
In the end I have to say that I was entertained - as there were several scenes that I definitely enjoyed watching- but just slightly confused as to what to think about the movie as a whole.