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  • Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kiki's Delivery Service


    There's really not much to say about this actually. It's just a wholesome movie wherein nothing really happens but you're enraptured the whole way through because of how endearing the animation and the characters are. There are no antagonists or anything so grand, it's literally just the story of an adorable little witch and her growing pains. While it's not my personal favourite in the Ghibli catalogue I've seen so far, it's still got that special touch - a surprisingly poignant and heartwarming quality to it that makes it unmistakably magical.

  • Halloween



    Watching Halloween on Halloween, while eating Halloween candy and pumpkin spice cookies, with Phoebe Bridgers' Halloween playing on repeat in the back of my mind where it's been living rent-free for the past week.
    This is bliss.

    Baby, it's Halloween,
    And we can be anything.
    Oh, come on, man,
    We can be anything.
    Baby, it's Halloween,
    There's a last time for everything.
    Oh, come on, man,
    We can be anything.

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  • 1BR


    I legitimately hated this movie.
    The acting is just fucking awful, particularly from the lead. The main character is one of thee most milquetoast, boring fucking characters I've ever seen in a movie and her entire arc is just unbelievable and dumb. The supporting cast are all pretty terrible as well. Everyone in this movie is devoid of charisma and screen presence, especially those who should have it.
    I hated the writing and the direction the story went in.

  • Alien



    I don't have too much to say about this. It's a goddamn masterpiece - about as perfect a sci-fi horror as you can get - and one of my absolute favourite movies of all time. I just had to add it to the Spooktober watchlist.

    Side note: I was torn about whether to give the DC a shot or not on this rewatch, but I decided to just stick to the Theatrical because I love it so much already. I've always wondered if I should even bother with the DC because the normal version is basically perfect in every way.