Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends ★★★★½

I’m gonna be honest i actually loved this the negative reviews had me worried but i really enjoyed it the music was amazing as always the opening was great i really loved what they did with Corey i found it super interesting i also loved how different it was from the previous 2 movies allyson was great i wish there was a little more of her and i love the character growth that Laurie went through i think this is her best appearance next to H20 if i had some nitpicks i didn’t like that most of the kills were in the background or offscreen that’s definitely where the movie lacks for me that being said i liked that it was more character driven and i wish they did more with Corey i feel like he was wasted. and i loved the final battle between Michael and Laurie and the conclusion was really satisfying in my opinion. overall i really liked it definitely one of my favorites of the year

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