Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★½

Was that... was that a violin cover of scary monsters?

Spring Breakers is the 2013 film about overweight adults sleeping on mattresses.
All I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised with this film. I thought, going into it, that it was going to be a stupid raunchy teen sex film, and, although there's some of that in there (the beginning scene did nothing to curb my doubt), there's a whole lot more to the film. I'm pretty sure it raised questions about materialism and how it affects the current generation and the inherent flaws of a supposed utopia.
Having said that, the artsiness is laid on kind of thick. Most of the film is stop-and-go, switching between montages of people dancing with dub step and trap, and pans over a beach with sad music in the background. This does nothing to hinder the plot or the coherence of the story, it's just something that kind of bothered me.
I would recommend this for someone who likes the subject matter but is not fond of the usual superficial sex story.