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  • Moebius



    Afterthoughts: Some films just leave you feeling numb; slumped in your chair in a paralysed state of wide-eyed disconcertment. It’s safe to say, Kim Ki-duk’s Moebius is one of them!

    In many respects, Moebius is comparable to Takashi Miike’s straight-to-video shockfest, Visitor Q (2001). Both films follow a deeply dysfunctional family down a dark path of degenerative behaviours and events, and neither of the provocateurs behind them offer their audiences a single breath of fresh air, nor a shred of…

  • The Wrong Man

    The Wrong Man


    Afterthoughts: The Wrong Man is an understated and underseen entry in Alfred Hitchcock's vast filmography, but it's always been amongst my favourites.

    Obsessed with the wrongly accused, as shown with countless films exploring the same theme, Hitchcock takes a very different approach here - mostly apparent in the protagonist's character traits which don't seem to resemble any of his other falsely-accused victims.

    Unlike The 39 Steps’ Hannay or North by Northwest’s Roger Thornhill, Manny Balestrero (played beautifully as ever by…

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  • Tokyo Drifter

    Tokyo Drifter


    Afterthoughts: There's a beautiful friendship forming between Seijun Suzuki and I. I need more!

  • Paranoiac



    Hoop Dreams: Hooptober 2020 (3/31) - A non-Dracula Hammer film

    Afterthoughts: I'm not entirely sure whether Freddie Francis and Hammer intended this to be laugh out loud funny, but I sure as hell found it so, in the best way possible. Had an absolute blast with it.

    Oliver Reed is electric in this film. He's always great to watch, but in this, as the boozy, reckless man-child, he full-on goes for it in ways that are exciting, campy, sinister and…

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    “And the Academy Award for Best Original Score goes to Daniel Lopatin, Good Time.

    Unfortunately, Daniel Lopatin cannot be here tonight on account of NOT BEING NOMINATED. Boo, you whore!”

    Afterthoughts: A rough and ready, fully loaded attack on the senses - the kind comparable to the likes of Suspiria (and I felt that before the brilliant audio-visual reference to that film).

    The whole thing is genuinely and riotously a good time (oh yes he did).

    These Safdie brothers are limitlessly talented!

    Kind of at a loss for words over how good this is, and how late to the party I am on seeing it.

  • Diabolique



    Hoop Dreams: Hooptober 2020 (2/31) - Highest rated unseen 1950s horror film

    Afterthoughts: Oftentimes, the best horror films are those that are not so for the vast majority of the runtime; those that eerily and seemingly irrelevantly creep along until a shocking revelation or moment of terror in the dying embers of the film which earn them the genre tag. Henri-Georges Clouzot's Les Diaboliques is one such example.

    Even in those final ten minutes, the film doesn't establish itself as…