The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★½

I like Robert Pattinson. I love black and white films. I like chamber dramas with few actors. I love authentic acting. I'm fascinated by strong symbols like a revolving lighthouse with lantern, reminiscent of Lumière's first cinematic experiments. I can appreciate when a crew can create stunning images with almost no contrasts, in the light of the moon or in the endless night of the ocean. I love to hear seagulls. I always wanted to know how people go crazy. I like to be warned how fragile what we call our ego, our persona, is. I love mirror games.
So it's a big question why I don't like this film. Maybe because it's meaningless. Maybe because it's so artificial. Maybe because I saw all the elements at one time, elsewhere. Maybe because it's totally empty, maybe because it’s a fake.

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