Annihilation ★★★★½

Annihilation, Alex Garland's latest outing - is as much of an art film as it is a sci-fi.

People are calling this self-indilgent. For you, I beg to differ. This is anything but self-indulgent. It has a moral tone to it that most films of this nature don't seem to have, and it tends to hit every single beat it lands on.

The off-putting atmosphere adds to the Jaws- like tension that is at display here. It's like walking into a fucked up version of the garden of Eden.

The sound design is euphoric. It explodes on screen, which compliments the cinematography in a fascinating way. It is in this collaboration where the film's authenticity shows.

Ugh. It's unexplainable how visceral and cutting-edge this film is. It deserves and begs to be seen on the big screen.

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