Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★★

Let me begin by saying...

This is a tradition for me. At least oncne a year around mid November I sit down and I watch this film. I feel it is the perfect time to watch this, based off the atmosphere alone. At it's peak, it's a thriller - but I will get more into that later. The film has a very inviting tone, but at the same time it's unbearably cold. It's like biting into a hot pizza to find that the middle is freezing.

In a way, that's how Rosemary feels in this film. She is such a vulnerable character that it honestly made me uncomfortable watching her this time around. The sheer frailty displayed in her face gives off a pure feeling of vitality and angst. It legitimately bothered me.

I must have seen this film around 20-25 times (no, I have not logged all of those watches). It feels like I can fish out something new every time I see this.

One particularly striking thing I noticed this time around is the subtle foreshadowing during the infamous dream sequence.

Words are whispered and muttered, and once done so are repeated later im the film by some of the characters. I'm not sure if this was Polanski's intention or not, but they feel like a cycling of events placed right before our eyes. Like a dream, the ticking clock of time.

In Rosemary's world, everything is falling apart around her slowly but surely. From the opening scene when she gallopes excitedly around the outer hallway with Guy and notices a crack I'm the floor, to the first *hint* of witchcraft displayed in a very see it or miss it shot when she identifies handwriting or even the guarded closet, mysteriously protected by the large secretary.

These are all clues. They are factors that Polanski purposely added in to feel a world slowly crashing around Rosemary. It's an examination of the psyche as much as it is a horror film. A rumination on fear and paranoia.

What truly got to me was the ending as well. The feeling of acceptance and utter terror is shared with you from Rosemary's viewpoint. Everything from her dream is coming together, brutally ensnaring your mind until it becomes a pulpy mess.

The taut direction adds to the state of mind the film puts you in. There are absolutely no establishing shots. Everything is internal, and for a reason. Added to this the internal cinematography shot in a dream like state. The camera glides throughout the apartment, the lense is grainy and conspicuous.

It leaves you in such a question of morality. You can confide in Rosemary only for so long, just like your neighbors and even your loved ones. It's a true feeling of contamination and Polanski knows how to conduct it in a way that is new and fresh.

Countless times I've watched this film, always puzzled and always enticed. It's layered, detailed and just an experience. You breathe in this world.

For me, this is a perfect film. It's everything that I desire about filmmaking cushioned into 2 hours an 16 minutes.

You've probably heard this a million times, but I will say it once more for the sake of this film.

This changed my life. Not only my perspective and love for film, but my view of art in general.

I just...i'm speechless and I'm still speechless.

After 6 years of religiously watching this film and analyzing the fuck out of it, I can proudly say that there is nothing remotely like this on the shape of the planet. For me, no piece of art can equal this.

So I will end my little analysis there, on a plane of broadened and heightened love for this immaculate masterpiece.

Pray for Rosemary's Baby

(PS. Tell me your guys thoughts on this film. I think it'd be fun to get a discussion started in the comments) e

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