Lady Bird ★★★★★

I love this movie sososososossoo much and I'm just so glad it exists and I think it was better the second time around (or at least I cried harder this time). Every aspect of the film is so perfect - from the direction, to the cinematography, to the editing, to the (underrated, beautiful) score, and of course, the acting. I cant overstate how amazing this movie is edited and paced though. It flows so. incredibly. well. It just feels like...memory. It doesn't feel like I'm watching a movie, it just feels like I'm watching this specific time period in this one person's life. And I never wanted it to stop. I love this movie so fucking much, and I'm just so glad that teenage girls and girls in general and mothers and daughters have this beautiful beautiful movie and I'm so glad that it came out when it did if it came out any other year I don't know how I would've felt but I'll always remember that this movie came out the year I turned 18, when I was exactly in Lady Bird's position. And I'll always love this movie a little more because of that.

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