The Thing

The Thing ★½

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John Carpenter has been a hit and miss director with me - on one hand you have Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York and on the other you have Halloween and The Thing. Unlike Halloween however this weaker project doesn't lack in premise or visuals - but moves at a crawl and attempts to put me to sleep.

This is such a great idea for a movie - a monster that can turn into other people and things , attacks this small group of people in the middle of nowhere. As fun as this may sound , The Thing is anything but. It takes half the movie for the crew to discover this creature and it takes longer still for the actual idea to take shape.

None of the characters amount to something you care about - they aren't introduced before the killing starts to go down : which is the major fault here. It usually helps if there is some interesting dialogue between the characters - relationships and what not. The movie seems bent on just using it's great sets and special effects to do everything. Even if it looks great , there's no reason for me to watch this when I care so little about the characters.

It's clear why a lot of people like the isolated atmosphere of this movie , but for me it's close to being as mindless as Carpenter's Halloween.