Spotlight ★★★★½

Hunting with a Notepad.

Incredible ensemble, extremely well shot, meticulously written - this movie is how political movies or generally non-fiction narrative films should be. The topic is (hopefully) not the least bit controversial in its ethical and philosophical evaluation, and the movie still manages to show everyone involved as a human being. Even atrocious individuals are depicted with a fine sense of distance and neutrality that vests this movie with its greatest power - authenticity.

Although it would have been all too obvious to heroize the involved journalists, all too inviting to design this movie as a blazing accusation and all too easy to make a movie with a clear and distinct division between good and bad - "Spotlight" upholds a form of content presentation that it derived from print media and that will hopefully continue to influence non-fiction directors in the future.

A worthy "Best Picture" winner and a fine piece of art, a gleaming beacon of journalistic excellence and a movie that will definetly not make for an enjoyable and easy ride. But one that's definetly worth taking.