Blade Runner ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Surprise, surprise, watching this film for my cinematography classes. Not that I mind, that class gave me an excuse to watch Moonlight.

Blade Runner (specifically the Final Cut) has what I will lovingly call "Avatar syndrome." The cinematography's great and I love the worldbuilding, but my God I wish I had been in another part of that world.

There are parts of this movie that come so close to being fully realized and fleshed out, but they just don't quite make it. I want to know more about Rachael! Give me some time with her reacting to learning she's a replicant! Show me how the replicants live since they're mostly off world(or at least do what the Matrix did and make a prequel to get us more invested in the antagonists)!

I wanted to care, the replicants' motivation is so good, but this movie is more focused on showing how crazy Roy is than reminding us that he's only crazy because he's acknowledging his own seriously limited mortality, his people literally can't be among humans due to one replicant's actions, and his friends have been killed!

Overall, while I might go check out 2049>/i> out of curiosity, Blade Runner is one of those films that I watched, I respect, and I have no interest in ever watching again.

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