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  • Found Footage 3D

    Found Footage 3D


    Found Footage 3D: Aren't found footage movies dumb???

    Me: Yeah.

  • The Exception

    The Exception


    “What if some Nazis...were good guys?”

    -the fucking tool who made this movie

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  • School Spirit

    School Spirit


    Ugh! Actually a really decent and spooky slasher until it fumbles at the finish line. The reveal is kinda obvious, but still, it's just a disappointing ending.

    Please just make one actually good movie, Into the Dark!

  • The Oath

    The Oath


    Really weak satire and a generally unfunny script. I guess the acting's good?

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  • Weekend



    The top liked review for this movie says that this isn't a "gay" movie, that's it's universal, and honestly that's kind of insulting because fuck you!!! This is a gay movie!!! Like seriously fuck off!!!

  • Midsommar



    At this point I think Ari Aster is just failing upwards and these great actresses he manages to get are carrying their respective movies.

    Also you're not scaring me, Ari! I wanna join this cult and dance around the maypole!