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  • Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire


    First time I saw this back in early 2009, I was in a very weird place emotionally, and the against all odds, fairytale nature of this really spoke to me. That’s definitely still the most charming part, but, uh…ya. A lot of other stuff going on that is just so broad and caricatured that it certainly feels ickier this time around.

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    For a meta franchise like Scream, it would be so easy for them to drive this train off a cliff with a knowing wink, but the shepherds beyond this always invests in fun, well cast young actors and just enough cleverness to always reinvent things on the fly in a way that mostly lands. This fun installment is no exception. 

    Where the last installment had high highs but felt uneven, especially early on, this film really felt like it was…

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  • Being There

    Being There


    I get that the "joke" is meant to be on everyone else in the film. They are all too self involved and projecting their own BS onto Sellers' Chance the Gadiner. However, implied in that joke is the idea it would be absurd for these people to actually take this man seriously. That's the dramatic tension where the humor is meant to be seen. That these vapid, shallow, rich people think this man is actually an important person they should…

  • TÁR



    My favorite part of this film, aside from the utterly captivating central performance by Blanchett, is how Shakespearean it is.

    In the opening scene, during her talk with the editor in chief of the New Yorker, she tells the story of one of the first true conductors and how he used a comically large conducting wand and performatively slammed it to the ground until one day he stabbed his foot with it and he died.

    She tells this story smugly…