Life Itself ★★★½

iconic cast with a whack storyline. like it's so deep, beautiful, meaningful and thought-provoking - i literally could not stop thinking about this film for weeks - but it was in a haunting kind of way, rather than a mind blown because it was so good sort of way. i think it was just the style that the director picked and the way he wants it to be told, tbh. he chose to kind of mimic 20th century women, when it could have had an even more profound effect if it were told more naturally and simply like the theory of everything. the cryptic aspect of it seemed kind of tacky and exhausted, like it was trying too hard to be deep, when the director should have realized that it was a story deep enough on its own without needing any extra pushes. what the narrative aspect did instead was take away the mystery. by the second half of the film, the plot had become predictable and the ending foreseen; when i know for a fact that the director was trying to do the opposite. again, i've heard that this is more of a matter of stylistic approach, as the director did 'this is us', which i heard is somewhat similar. i just would have liked this story to be a little more fluid and focused less on suspense, and more on character development and symbolism. just a tad disappointed tbh