Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

I watch this film, this couple, this relationship and I see everything that I know. Whether I have experienced it myself or have witnessed it close up, I know it. I see it. I see it in my parents, I saw it in my grandparents, I see it in my brother and his soon to be wife and I see it in my own relationship. And it’s uncomfortably, beautifully perfect. I don’t think I’ve seen a film that so truly a “slice of life” Even including the previous films in the trilogy. Although they are all incredibly detailed, filled with nuance and feel very real, I’m not sure whether I feel the slice of life concept was captured as well as in this final chapter. That’s not to say it wasn’t captured at all, no no no, I feel like all of these films are perfectly crafted. But this last one had something different. It could definitely be because I know arguments haha, I have seen many and been in many with the people I love. People I love deeply. My parents have been and still are very good at arguing, but they love each other, I sometimes think it’s how they love each other. Relationships are bizarre and full of fire and that’s what I saw reflected on screen tonight in such a true way. She walked out the door TWICE! Haha. Sorry for the minor spoiler. I feel like I’m just rambling now. Relationships.

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