The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

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This review may contain spoilers.

Where do I begin? The original film is twisted, disturbing, and masterful. This film is none of those things. 

Although many people love this film, I could just not find it enjoyable. I think a large part of this is due to the inconsistent script. The first act builds suspense from its premise of hearing a murder on the phone. I genuinely thought I was setup for a treat in the beginning. Then the second comes around. In the second act, we are given an inept Leatherface. Leatherface was barbaric and violent in the original TCM, a true killing machine. However, in this film he turned inadequate and not nearly as scary. The third act attempts to pay homage to the original by recreating the dinner scene almost exactly like the first (but not nearly as effective). Then, the movie closes with another copycat scene of Vanita dancing with a chainsaw, just like Leatherface in TCM 1. After the beginning, this film truly had the potential to immerse itself. Yet, it decided to include many cringe inducing scenes that detracted from the movie a lot in my eyes. I guess I just struggled to see this is a comedy, and therefore I just simply couldn’t take it seriously. Also, I just want to include one other moments that I didn’t like. I really hated how much of a damsel and distress Vanita was. I mean I 100% get that you would be scared witless, but I feel like she could have done something. I mean for the most part she continuously ended up getting herself into more trouble. Let me just say, in this film you won’t find yourself rooting for her, like you would find yourself rooting for Sally Hardesty. 

With all of this being said, I did really enjoy three distinct scenes. For instance, I loved the radio shop scene with Leatherface, Vanita, and Chop-Top. It had me screaming out loud. I also enjoyed the impactful scene where Leatherface put L.G.’s freshly removed face over Stretch’s and then started dancing with her. The last scene I enjoyed was when Drayton won the chili contest. That scene actually served well as a comedic moment. Other than that, the film ran flat and didn’t really have anymore peaks for me. 

Overall, this movie was just not for me. I get where it was trying to go, and I can see how people really enjoy this. However, it just did not work for me, and it left me feeling disappointed after I finished watching it.

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