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  • Beginners



    Beginners has tag line 'this is what love feels like'. It's truly engaging to know what it feels like to 'really' fall in love with someone (or maybe the right one), and the way Beginners exposes the story is simply heartwarming.

    Inspirasi Mike Mills membuat Beginners didapat dari kisah hidup si sutradara sendiri--yang mengetahui bahwa ayahnya adalah seorang gay.
    Film ini diceritakan menggunakan sudut pandang Oliver. Di awal kita akan disuguhkan Oliver membandingkan kehidupannya pada tahun 60an dengan tahun 2003.…

  • Secret Sunshine

    Secret Sunshine


    It's breathtakingly devastating!!! I'm aching.

    Secret Sunshine is one of kind movie that unexpected and surprisingly despair. Jeon De-yeon is flawless to play young mother who lost her son. Her emotion and gesture just insanely exceptional. She's in pain. She's in agony and seems like no one can't help her and understand her. She needs to be helped.

    Lee Chang-dong shows the family issue, society, religion, and psychology to be something uneasy to watch, but it hits you straightforward into…

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  • Right Now, Wrong Then

    Right Now, Wrong Then


    First thing first, I haven't seen Hong Sang soo's movies before and I had no idea his directing style. I expect nothing when I watched this and let's say that I'm genuinely happy this movie exist.

    Look, I found some impressive quotes from this movie, such as:

    I was earning a good amount of money... But then I realized it's not how I want to live my life.

    I had no future, I was so anxious....

    To be able to…

  • Incendies



    Yo, Denis Villeneuve is such a genius bastard!

    Jika Radiohead menamai album ke-6 mereka dengan tajuk Hail To the Thief, maka saya akan menjuluki Denis Villeneuve dengan sebutan Hail to Villeneuve hehehehe. Yup, Denis Villeneuve membuat saya berkata 'brengsek emang si Villeneuve!' Sepertinya memang Villeneuve gemar membuat film depresif dan kelam yang mengaduk-aduk emosi, jiwa dan raga (hiperbolis sekali wkwkwk). Ini merupakan kali ketiga saya menonton film dari Villeneuve (sebelumnya adalah Sicario dan Arrival), dan memang benar saya belum pernah…