Parasite ★★★★★

We’re at the point in quarantine where I care about stupid people’s opinions on the Oscars. So for those Joker fanboys who were sad that Parasite won BP and not Joker, their argument was that Joker had actual meaningful stuff to say about society, but choosing Parasite was a woke liberal move that didn’t reflect the idea of the best movie winning. Boy oh boy, I don’t want to assume that people who think that are racists, but they are at the very least stupid. We seriously need to find a way to convince people that the quality of a film as a piece of art has nothing to do with where it was made and encourage people to learn that what makes a movie good goes far beyond Joker looking into the camera and saying “I am very lonely and very deep!”

It’s kinda late. Anyway, gosh, this movie absolutely rules. It’s truly ascended to a higher plane of movie existence. It really is the best picture in so many ways.

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