Dunkirk ★★★★

I feel like a pretentious straight white film boy™ but I saw this in 70mm and got a free actual film strip of part of the movie!!! cool stuff

anyways this movie was very loud and all I want to do is sleep

sorry if this is low brow but christopher nolan makes some of my favorite films, though does that mean he's one of my fave directors as well? not sure

fionn whitehead is one cute patoot freddie highmore lookin ass and I'm here for it!!! very pleased with the cast. harry styles had that one good scene but the rest of the time he was just there (disclaimer: I never really cared for harry styles when he was in one direction but I respect him)

could've lived without the fractured narrative structure but I guess it was interesting. until I got confused.

all in all, very fun experience as this was the first movie I saw on film!

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