Bodies Bodies Bodies

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I'm predicting that this movie is going to leave the "Twitter Letterboxed user one-liner review" economy in shambles so I'm not even gonna try. All of the practical lighting in this is amazing!!! I went into this with zero/ almost low expectations because of the trailer, so I would just like to say whoever edited it, or more likely whatever studio exec thought it was a good trailer, needs to be put on trial. The beginning drags a little, and some scenes go on for a little too long (specifically there's a few bickering back and forth bits that just keep going). But once 212 plays the movie flies and just doesn't stop. Rachel and Pete are the standouts, every single line read of Rachels is amazing. I have more to say but I'm trying to keep this spoiler free so people that were on the fence about seeing it will maybe change their minds. If you thought the trailer was cringe, I promise the movie isn't like that!! Give it a chance, it's only 90 minutes!!

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