Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

This movie was made for men who are still subscribed to r/niceguys on Reddit and for women in art school that have Tumblr 2015 mentality where they think being open about having depression is brave. It’s the cinematic equivalent of how every couple of months on reddit the post about Brock Turner being a rapist would be on the front page and all of the comments were always the same. 

This movie would have been game changing if it had come out in 2013 at the peak of buzzfeed, girl boss culture and would have been shown as a double feature with Pitch Perfect. Gifsets of this movie would have flooded my tumblr dashboard. People would have shipped Carey Mulligan’s character with Evan Peters from American Horror Story. 

Unfortunately all of Mulligan and Bo Burnham’s good acting in this movie is wasted on regurgitated ideas. One of the many outdated jokes in he movie is a man wearing a fedora claims to be a nice guy, which I haven’t seen joked about unironically in years. The final monologue Mulligan gives rocks and it’s also probably the strongest writing in the movie.

And most heinously, after we’ve spent the whole movie not trusting authority, it’s somehow a victory that the whole situation is in the cop’s hands now! Thank god!! Sure the justice system will clear this whole mess up!!

I went in with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Student films with the exact same plot tend to be very exploit-y, so I went in expecting to have my day ruined but was very thankful for what they chose to show and not to show. The opening scene is probably the most upsetting though. Also I watched this on the TV in the office at work. 2 and a half stars.

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