The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

" The Lighthouse " is a film on duality, identity, time & space. Modern horror is nothing without folklore and advertise of human emotions.
" Robert Eggers " who made his debut with a folk horror and masterpiece " The VVitch " , this time he crossed his limits to another level by god-like direction and storytelling.

I was always fan of impeccable background sounds, It always gave me chills that something is wrong.
Mythological story, black and white frame, screen lighting everything were so synchronised in the lighthouse that i felt, i am watching some greek Tragedy live infront of my eyes. " The Lighthouse " will be marked as one of the top contender in history of modern horror filmmaking.

From the first scene, i knew this is going to be compition between elite acting. Like " Marriage Story " The lighthouse too kept a rivalry between between both lead actors. Whenever they were arguing, it was like who is better while both of them crossed the limit of judgement. Everyone know how great Williem Dafoe is but this film is for them too who were trash talking about " Pattinson ". Pattinson's acting in every recent indie films were great but lighthouse make them look like mediocre, Here our future batman goes to another stage of elite. His screen presence was so beautiful you could tell this guy has a long journey and beautiful future.

As i said earlier & i will mention again. Big shout out to " Technical department " be it sounds design or cinematography. Because Modern horror films are somewhat relay on sounds, storytelling & cinematography. If any of them messed up then you could feel something is missing. Well " The Lighthouse " didn't mess up with anything. It was perfect to it's core, what it supposed to be.

" The Lighthouse " could be count as folklore horror, Or it could be psychological horror too. There were enough stuffs to argue on this but it will depends on your vision.


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