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This review may contain spoilers.

walked out of EEAAO back in April cause i wasn’t feeling it, but oh my did i miss out.

i genuinely was holding back so many tears in the final act of the movie. Everything clicked in my mind and i connected the themes to the fantastic dialogue, acting, dynamics, and tones. i finally had realized the true meaning of “Everywhere all at once”. Joy truly realized that life had no purpose of value. I was so mesmerized by her intentions and goals.

the acting in this film is phenomenal and i really hope the three main actors for raymond, the protagonist, and joy get an oscar. the amount of passion and love that is put into this film is what really other films in the future need to incorporate.

I really loved especially how everything came back in a full circle and how this journey changes the protagonist’s perspective of life. I really thought Joy’s evil persona would be a very generic villain. however it was so interesting to see her and the protagonist’s dynamic. yes the world is cruel but it’s also beautiful, reflects the tone of this well-crafted film. 

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