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  • Last Year at Marienbad
  • Maya
  • Sem Essa, Aranha
  • 3. VII. 1973

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  • Maya



    Parvaneh is the 5 elements, she is the 6th sense, she is transcendtal, yet she is human. Yet we see pain and suffering, and we are brought back to earth. We know that one, even a higher power can not escape great pain. But rather this pain is embodied within them. Is Teo perhaps saying pain is spiritual in a sense? That the pain we feel is just so different and otherworldly that we immediately add a negative connotation towards it?

  • Qissa



    Truly an amazing and monumental work by Anup Singh. The 1947 partition is one of the most deadly and huge mass migrations in recent times. Families were split, deathly riots occurred, and it even got to the point where people would seek out opposing faiths only to murder in cold blood.
    Even when the migrations ended, fear and paranoia reigned across Punjab and all of India, or rather, what was left of it. This fearfulness has not left either, it has…

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  • Set Me Free

    Set Me Free

    The proclamation of this being "experimental" even if it is a joke, is incredibly disrespectful to true contemporary Avant Garde filmmakers. People who put their shit up on letterboxd like this should be ashamed. This is the reason TMDB is currently mass wiping independent films. Cause there's no way to find out it they're actual films someone put effort into, or if they are just a joke; like this one is. Feel ashamed that you further contribute to the stigma…

  • Secret Flower

    Secret Flower

    I don’t want to die because I failed, or because there is some meaning in death
    I want to seal my soul in a meaningless death”

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  • Highway


    As each frame slowly came to fruition, a feeling of dread and alienation started to overcome me. Even though there is a car in every frame of this short, never once are they parallel to each other. Driving is maybe the most redundant, alienating task we do in our everyday life. We sit still in a car for multiple hours at times following strict rules again and again, to the point where you’re not even there, but more so on…



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