Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

dear self,

you’re at a loss for words, and you have been
and you’ve gotten insecure, but you’ve always been
there is so much beauty in the pastoral
and so much admiration to have for the free
so much emptiness, loneliness in love, and in no love.
trees are green and so is grass
trees are full and so is grass
the clinking of plates is a nice sound, and you know it
words don’t come easy, put on the radio
but turn down the sound to give space for your thoughts
sit in the statues. it’s cold, but sit in the statue, the one you’ve always wanted to sit in at night
bring music
it’s a simple thought.
turn down the music some more.
but be free
and that’s when you turn it up

ich verstehe und ich höre
i understand and i listen

in your own way, or in their way,
or in both ways, and in the little ways
be free
unrestrained personally in (mostly) unnoticeable ways

and in your free ways,
turn the sound up

softly, with love,

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