it's remarkable how much Haruki Murakami's spirit is intact but still how Lee Chang-dong really sharpens to make it stands on its own. one aspect I like that he hones in is the two male leads masculinity and how it can splinter apart, one who is trapped by the confinement of societal expectations vs. one who has everything at the tip of his fingers, this is visible in the way they carry out their lives and also extends to how they treat women. you'd think it's clear cut between the two who is morally "correct" or "wrong", but they both operate in the shades of grey to the point it is their comfort zone and only one of them has made peace with it. there's so going beyond the surface but another thing i take away from this is that we only look and see what confirms our view because most of the time selfishly we want to be right.

+ more Steven Yeun in everything.
+Jun Jong-seo is a scene-stealer. need her to have her moment in the spotlight. 
+my <3 when “Générique” by Miles Davis starts playing.

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