Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla

toho wrote anno a blank check to do whatever he wants with their money making baby and he went and did a geopolitical thriller... all in a non-western blockbuster that challenges the audience expectations. the sheer audacity.  

the OG ‘54 thicc nuclear bomb allegory is honoured by addressing something equally scary today. mother earth and her reckoning power, it doesn’t just come in the form of the natural disasters japan has suffered through the recent years but as climate change if the world can stop fucking around and get our shit together. we mess it up i do not want to be alive to see her wrath. 

i love those gōiira movies where people in rubber suits play-pretend brawling one another like a WWE match or the CG-filled fun spectacle but we’ve dealt a wildcard here. if the og movie asked us to look at the monster we created then this movie is the monster nature will create to stop us.

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