Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★

Homecoming was more or less a Disney Channel tier film and this is the College Road Trip, just travel scenes with comedy that falls flat and only exists as promotion for the upcoming Elementals.

Gyllenhaal's character is terribly wasted despite having great effects, I'm just so bored of these forgettable films that somehow make billions because of a logo slapped onto it (Captain Marvel,Ant-Man and the Wasp etc).

The visuials in some moments are wonderful looking but it leaves little to no impact after Spider-Verse did more or less the same thing, don't tell me this is live action though since it's just CGI effects on CGI.

The post credit scene is fan service but I would just rather watch the Raimi trilogy instead, if you told younger me I would find Spider-Man extremely boring I wouldn't believe you (I even unironically liked the 60s cartoon before school).

Even the aftermath from Endgame's finale makes Iron Man 3's PSTD seem like amazing well thought out storytelling despite how badly the MCU wants to ruin the message of that film.

Also how many times does the villain have to fit this trope? I get repeating yourself but this is just being lazy.

Edit: The post-credit scene that everybody talked about is now even more useless.
Edit: Nvm

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