Favorite films

  • Girlfriends
  • Muriel, or the Time of Return
  • The Hanging Tree
  • Female Trouble

Recent activity

  • The Naked Spur

  • Bend of the River

  • Winchester '73

  • Last Summer

Recent reviews

  • Titanic


    New year, same me.

  • Thief


    "I can see my money is still in your pocket, which is from the yield of my labor. (...) You're making profits from my work. My risk. My sweat. — But that is okay. Because I elected to make that deal. But now, the deal is over. I want my end, and I am out."

    "Why don't you join a labor union?"

    "I'm wearing it."

    (cue ominous suggestion of a gun)

Popular reviews

  • Heat


    I have never had a spiritual connection with a man as powerful as the one these two men have with each other, and I’m bitter about that, which is my right.

  • Cruising


    You fingered him.”
    “I fingered him, but I didn’t think anybody was going to get that far with him.”
    “Sometimes you only get that one chance.”

    Okay, fair enough. 

    I’d forgotten about the Black daddy cop(...?) who just shows up to smack white twunks around. There’s a reparations joke in there somewhere. It’s almost not even a matter of memory — I’ve seen the movie, granted it’s been a few years, and yet can’t claim to have seen those images…