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MannVanuary 2022 - The Sweatiest Named Challenge That Ever Noired the West Part 2

2022 MannVanuary List

Rules below. All first time watches (except Set it Off, which was specifically required). Looking forward to making up for having fallen short last year. Thanks as always to Cinemonster.

24 films and 2 bonus.

1 Anthony Mann Film -He Walked By Night
1 Melvin or Mario Film -Gang in Blue
1 Black Western - Two Gun Man From Harlem
5 decades (western) 1930s, 1950s, 1970s, 1990s, 2000s, 2020s
7 films from Black directors Death Journey, Nationtime, Gang in Blue, The Guilty, Education, Alex Wheatle, Lovers Rock
1 Aussie Western -The Proposition
4 westerns from the following: Andre de Toth -The Stranger Wore a Gun, Day of the Outlaw, Eastwood, Walter Hill - Wild Bill, Dead for…

Block or Report
  • Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler
  • Two-Gun Man from Harlem
  • He Walked by Night
  • Obsession
  • The Stranger Wore a Gun
  • The Blue Gardenia
  • Day of the Outlaw
  • Le Doulos
  • Nationtime
  • Thomasine & Bushrod
  • Death Journey
  • Petey Wheatstraw
  • Killer of Sheep
  • The Frisco Kid
  • Coup de Torchon
  • The Big Easy
  • Wild Bill
  • Gang in Blue
  • The Proposition
  • Alex Wheatle
  • Lovers Rock
  • Education
  • The Guilty
  • Dead for a Dollar