One of Us ★★★★

Having been raised in the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, this definitely cuts deep.

I know many within the community who will indignantly counter much of the narrative with their own contrasting experience, and who would argue against broad sweeping generalizations that blanket all of the myriad Hasidic sects across Brooklyn and beyond with a sinister brush.

On the other hand, I know so many who after watching this, cried over the similarities to their own painful experience.

My personal opinion is that this is a pretty spot on treatment in many respects, and it uncovers some important, painful, and terrible flaws of many of the Hasidic communities in the way that they treat their 'wayward' flock.

I'd only urge the viewer to explore more context around these communities and people before casting judgment on 'Hasidic' folk as a whole.

I also found it pretty cinematically appealing. There are many beautiful shots throughout that color the intense content matter.

Overall, a pretty tough watch for me personally. Here's to hoping for progressive reform in the way these communities treat the ones who leave, perhaps someday they as a whole can learn to appreciate, love, and respect their kin who might have chosen a different lifestyle. For, after all, they are all still 'one of us'.

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