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  • Communists


    I started out thinking "ok what's the point about this best of sampler" but it turned out to be one of the most intimately striking films of Straub's entire oevre and and a perfect comeback statement after Huillet's passing. Here is an artist looking back on his and his partner's oevre and recontextualizing it, both as a monument to her and as a way to carry the work on into a new era after this tragic loss. One of those films that strike you in the guts unsuspectedly towards the end.

  • Flaming Ears

    Flaming Ears


    An Actionist Lesbo (Post-) Punk Dark Wave Proto Techno Dungeon Synth Cyberadventure shot on Super 8 with a Raul Ruiz level of symbolist abstraction and dialogues that sound as if they have been cowritten by Arthur Rimbaud himself. The original title translates to "Flaming Ears shred through Ashes" which - at least in German - is one of the most awesomely evocative titles I know of. Quite a discovery for god's sake!

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  • Decker Vs. Dracula

    Decker Vs. Dracula

    Gregg Turkington's "Greed".

  • The Mother and the Whore

    The Mother and the Whore

    Heavy stuff. Feels like a Rohmer comedy slowly getting eaten away by creeping nihilism. This is amplified by Leaud's presence in what may be his crowning achievement as an actor in these years. We are used to the joy of observing Leaud being Leaud, goofing around, delivering his pathetic monologues. But the stakes are dead serious this time.
    The film perfectly captures the feeling of a casual love affair gone terribly wrong. The damage it does to the souls of…