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This review may contain spoilers.

This was on my list of movies to watch because it was mentioned in a list. Usually, I just add movies that are listed as the best horror movies of a given year, but this one made a list of the worst. That is how I remember this movie after it came out in theaters, with everyone saying how much they hated it. It can be fun to watch a movie that others see as bad just to see if I feel the same way about it. I didn't care for this movie, but I think it is for different reasons than most had. I get the original movie is considered a classic amongst horror fans and this movie changes it in a big way. Did I care? Not so much really.

The movie was okay and I was into the story up until a point. I'm going to do something I wouldn't normally do and spoil the plot some. I don't know how else to complain about it without spoiling it. I was fine with the plot of the main character dealing with being taken advantage of while being drugged up. Date rape is what it ended up to be, thanks to the brief flashbacks. I was fine with the women standing up for themselves as well. It started to lose me though when it started to lean towards a battle of the sexes and I lost interest in it when they throw in guys in a frat house being possessed by a "founder" because he believed women would get out of line eventually. Some of the frat brothers feel the same so they get the others possessed and send them out to kill the women they don't like.

The thing is, there are plenty of men out there that hate women for one reason or another. Hell, there are women that hate men for whatever reason as well. I get the message, but I felt that the way it was presented here was the wrong way to go about it. There are men out there that hate women for the very reasons put forth in the movie. They even give a couple of characters, at least, that feel that way and aren't possessed. Did they really need to include a magical means, or whatever it was supposed to be, in order to get men to go the murderous rampage extreme? I don't feel they needed to and that was the main reason I just didn't care for this movie in the end.

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