Nope ★★★

I got a free rental code for Redbox and decided I would use it to watch this movie. It is one I wanted to catch up with, so it was an easy choice. I'm a little mixed with Jordan Peele. I like that he is bringing a lot of excitement to the horror/thriller genre, but I haven't seen the big deal myself. I did like his movie Us, but I wasn't big on Get Out or this one. I found the title for this movie kind of funny because a friend of mine says "nope" often while watching horror movies.

I guess I didn't get into the story for this one much. I liked the second half of the movie once they kind of figured out what they are up against, but I just wasn't feeling any tension with the story. I did like whatever it is that the characters find themselves up against. I thought it looked pretty cool and it was a bit different from the direction the story first appeared it was going to take. It was interesting, but kind of slow-paced. I admit that I found the whole "don't look at it" thing kind of lame so that was a big part of it as well. I didn't hate this one and I think I liked it a bit more than Get Out, so maybe it will grow on me when I watch it again someday.

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