Skyfall ★★★★

This was a better Bond film than the last one. I liked the overall story much better and there was more spy stuff going on. While it is still personal to Bond, for different reasons, but I felt it worked in with the overall story much better. It was an odd film in that a beautiful Bond woman isn't around much. There is one, but she isn't around all that much and doesn't change the story. I'm sure they could have written around her if they had really wanted to. I did like that they paid a bit of a tribute to some of the older films in this one. They also put to rest if Bond is his real name or his agent name which I was kind of surprised by.

I did feel the ending could have been better. I didn't find it all that sad when it really should have been. This may have been because I knew the ending before going into it. I watched a video where a big Bond fan ranks all of the films and for some reason, he spoiled the ending to this one. Anyway, I'm glad that I got around to this movie, it was a lot of fun to watch.

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