The Seventh Curse

The Seventh Curse ★★★★

Have you ever watched a movie that is so weird that you just couldn't help but love it? This is one of those movies. Lots of action, a weird plot, and even weirder creatures make it a fun watch. I rented this movie from Amazon Prime and found it interesting that the names given in the subtitles didn't match up with any of the sites giving character names. It was obviously the correct movie but someone changed up the character names. Not that it mattered much, but it was there. The story has to do with a doctor who saved a woman from being sacrificed and is now cursed. If he can't cure it, then he will die in a few days.

There were times I felt a little lost with this movie but I didn't mind that too much. That was just because I felt that the plot wasn't the most important part of the movie for once. I had the basics of it so just went with it. This is a silly movie in some ways but it was just so much fun to watch that it was easy to overlook that and the other flaws. This movie was completely worth the measly two dollars I rented it for. If you love the "so bad they are good" type movies, this is one movie you should check out.

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