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  • Nightbeast




    I absolutely live for shit like this! Low budget regional filmmaking with some of the best homegrown gore effects ever put to video. The Nightbeast himself is a marvel of creature design and bad tailoring. Every human character in this sleazoid odyssey is dumber than the last, making the most idiotic decisions, and spouting half baked dialogue with about as much personality as a wooden shoe. It's all done with so much love and dedication to the craft, you can't help but relish every moment.

  • Flesh Eating Mothers

    Flesh Eating Mothers


    So many negative reviews for this one. FUCK OFF. This movie is a masterpiece of low budget gruesome comedic gold! Not even in a so bad it's good way, but in a SO GODDAMN GOOD IT'S GREAT way. Not in a funny because it's inept way, but in a SO FUCKING FUNNY BECAUSE IT'S PURE DEADPAN GENIUS LEVEL COMEDY!

    Ok, it isn't REALLY a 5 star movie, but it's absolutely a hell of an enjoyable hell of a good goddamn time.