Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★½

Have you ever been looking through your wardrobe and found a special piece of clothing, and tried it on only to find out it no longer fits?

Or maybe you've jumped into the shower too early, being stuck in the freezing water because you're too proud to wait for it to heat up?

"Inside Llewyn Davis" feels like that. Simple in their presentation, but the outcome is very telling. Llewyn is too proud to try new things to accept defeat, which often leads him beat-up in the back of an alley. A man with so much potential left to waste because he's too selfish to try something new, or think of others before himself.

While this movie has its plot holes, I like to think of it as hidden character development. We hear about Llewyns past in the music industry, or see his decisions while driving to Chicago as proof that he is undoubtedly, unfortunately human. He makes the same selfish decisions that many of us make, thinking of ourselves as the main character that things always go right for. The reality is that there is no such thing as the main character- this is real life. ILD proves that the "main-character mindset" is nothing but cockiness disguised, and things WILL always go wrong.

And yet there is always the beauty of music and a mystic cat to keep us all going.