Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

“I don’t see a lot of money here.”

I keep finding myself coming back to this movie and its soundtrack, trying to pinpoint why I find myself in total awe of something so beautifully simple.

Inside Llewyn Davis is by no means a complicated movie- we have probably watched something along these lines before. A struggling artist on a journey of self-discovery, a tinge of narcissism and a weird obsession with random celebrity appearances is by no means uncommon- but Llewyn Davis feels different to this typical narrative.

Rather than trying to show the cheesy importance of certain relationships, Inside Llewyn Davis does the total opposite- showing how the death of Llewyn's best friend almost entirely shattered his creative streak. After this horrific loss, he goes entirely (and unsuccessfully) solo, forever chasing after his dreams of the calmness and security he never had. Throughout the movie we see this instability even further- a runaway cat, a pregnancy scare and an annoyingly long road trip with a mouthy jazz musician.

The music throughout this movie is phenomenal- folk music is never something I normally choose to listen to, but whenever the old acoustic is brought out you can't help but admire the love put into it. I'm not too sure about Timberlake's appearance, but please Mr Kennedy wouldn't be the same without him (and Adam Driver, of course). I spent the other night dancing in a car park to Green, Green Rocky Road, which felt very "coming of age". The view of the sunset was much better than my dancing though.

I think this movie is something everyone should watch at least once, even if you aren't a fan of folk, You can easily find a lesson from any one of the characters, looking at their mistakes as well as their admirable traits, And of course, any movie with a runaway cat is just pure magic (Garfield: The Movie (The cat in this movie is ginger too so I'm convinced this is just the prequel to the Garfield saga))